A commercial vegetable oil - VEGcAN Oil

As one of the products in the TASTE+PLUS (commercial tasty oil), Pakplast provide this commercial vegetable oil – VEGcAN Oil. It contains Soybean oil and Canola oil.

commercial tasty oil
commercial vegcan oil

  • Well-balanced level of monounsaturated & polyunsaturated fats. 
  • This unique blend combination is also suitable for general kitchen application from deep fry, shallow fry, aioli’s, mayonnaises, salad dressings, marinades, etc.
  • Smoke Point 222 °C

Benefits of Soybean Oil in VEGcAN

As VEGcAN oil contains soybean oil, we can enjoy the benefits of soybean oil upon using it:

There are mainly 4 advantages to health:
1. rich in heart-healthy fats
2. support bone health
3. contains omega-3 fatty acids
4. promote skin health
For details, please refer to here.

Benefits of Canola Oil in VEGcAN

1. More healthy fats than any other common cooking oil Canola oil is rich in good fats and can help reduce the risk of heart disease when used instead of saturated fats by reducing LDL cholesterol in the blood. A chart depicting a comparison of dietary fats for various cooking oils including canola oil. Canola oil has: – Just 7% saturated fat – the least of the common culinary oils – No trans fat – The most plant-based omega-3 fat of any common cooking oil – High levels of monounsaturated omega-9 fat (oleic acid) – omega-6 fat 2. Research-backed health benefits A growing body of scientific research suggests canola oil can have positive effects on several chronic health problems, including heart disease, diabetes and metabolic syndrome. Among the research findings: a. “Bad” (LDL) cholesterol in the blood dropped an average of 16.2% when study volunteers consumed canola oil instead of a high saturated fat diet for 2.5-13 weeks. b. A low glycemic-load diet with canola oil helped improve both blood cholesterol and blood glucose control in Type 2 diabetes patients. c. Abdominal fat mass, as well as blood pressure, significantly decreased in subjects at risk of metabolic syndrome who consumed canola and high oleic canola oil.

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