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Pakplast is one of the major bulk cooking oil suppliers in Australia. We have had an affiliation with Lam Soon since 2008, enabling us to take the role of the sole distributor for the Australian market on the east coast. As one of the leading Commercial Cooking Oil Suppliers, we develop a full range of Commercial Deep Frying Oil and Culinary Oil.

Serving directly to cafes, restaurants as well as serving the cooking oil wholesalers, we do not only sell the products, we also provide our total oil management solution to our customers. This features providing education about our products to our customers, including the consultancy to our customer to choose a cost-effective products that suit their needs, as well as helping them to manage their waste oil.

As one of the major suppliers for the hospitality industry, Pakplast understand that choosing the right oil for different recipes is vitally important for the business as the oil will affect the quality of the food prepared significantly.  In our signature oil product range, we have 3 top-quality products ranges for our customers in the hospitality industry, namely: 

Buy Cooking Oil In Bulk

As one of the best bulk cooking oil suppliers in Sydney, Pakplast takes pride in offering top-quality products and unparalleled convenience to businesses in the hospitality industry. We understand that for cafes, restaurants, and food service establishments, buying in bulk is a cost-effective solution and essential for uninterrupted operations. Our extensive range of bulk cooking oil options ensures a steady supply to meet your culinary demands without compromising quality.


We provide tailored solutions to suit each business’s unique needs, offering various packaging options to accommodate your requirements. Whether you opt for our Bag in Box (BIB) packaging, which keeps the oil fresh and free from contamination, or prefer traditional drums, our bulk oil suppliers ensure your order is handled efficiently and delivered promptly to your doorstep.


Pakplast’s commitment to sustainability also shines through in our bulk oil supply. We prioritise using recyclable materials in our packaging, including cardboard and bladder, to reduce our environmental impact. By choosing us as your bulk cooking oil supplier, you benefit from high-quality oils that enhance the flavours of your culinary creations and contribute to a greener future.

Signature Oil

Highlights on some benefits of our Signature Oils

Benefits of Bag in Box (BIB)

Fresh Oil, when processed and refined from the refinery and packed immediately into containers,  either drums or boxes help to avoid the risk of contamination and often improve performance and longevity of the oil.



Benefits of Fresh Oil

We’re all becoming more conscious on the effects of our carbon footprint in recent years. Using recyclable bags in boxed oils has become more popular and preferred choice of oil packaging. The materials used are cardboard and bladder: both are definitely recyclable.

For the cooking oil products, in order to provide various benefits to our customers in the hospitality industry, we partner with Lam Soon to provide not only high-quality oil products, but also provide total oil management solution, including waste oil management solution.


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Total Oil Management

Waste Oil Management


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