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Among the commercial frying oil series (Fryplus), Pakplast provide a special kind of high oleic sunflower commercial frying oil. Besides high oleic sunflower, it also contain high quality cottonseed oil. 

commercial frying oil - fryplus

  • Premium “Recipe” cottonseed and high oleic sunflower
  • High Oleic Sunflower Seeds produce “that” extra performance and durability, recommended for longevity in demanding frying situations
  • Smoke Point 230 °C

What is High Oleic Sunflower oil?

High oleic sunflower oil is obtained from selected sunflower seeds, rich in oleic acid. The amounts of this acid are much higher in this oil than in regular sunflower oil, which is around 31%. The big difference between them is the quality of the seeds and consequently the saturated fat that the final product contains. Thus, high oleic sunflower oil represents an interesting alternative compared to regular oil due to its nutritional composition and its affordable price.

High oleic sunflower oil has a similar nutritional composition to olive oil. The great advantage of using this oil is that it withstands higher temperatures, making it ideal for frying. The highest temperature estimated for olive oil is between 190-207°C, while for high oleic sunflower oil it varies between 160-232°C. It also has a neutral flavor, less strong than olive oil, and therefore easier to consume. Despite the similar nutritional composition, it also has less saturated fat and more monounsaturated fat (beneficial) than olive oil.


Benefits of High Oleic Oil

There are a lot of benefits of a high oleic oil. It is one of the top premium options for seed oils, and there’s always lots of reasons for food manufacturers to want to use it. First off, high oleic oils are very stable due to the high level of monounsaturated fats inside. This means when they are in high heat, they won’t break down or oxidize as quickly as other conventional oils. This means they hold up well to the high heats found in baking or frying. When baking or frying they won’t smoke or cause a change in the flavor of your product. For a longer fry life, we suggest using high oleic oils. Let us pretend that you change your conventional canola oil (the cheapest kind available) once a day in the fryer of your restaurant. A high oleic oil, in comparison, will last you anywhere from 1-3 days before you need to change it. This will allow you to save money on the oil over time because you can use less oil over the course of a week, while still maintaining the good quality of your food. When it comes to snack manufacturers, the final shelf life of the product is also improved. The oil is a component of your final product that will go into a retail pack. Due to the fact the oil doesn’t oxidize as quickly and maintains it’s own longer shelf life, it may help your product to have a longer shelf life as well. (Please Note: To know more details on how much longer your product will last would require custom shelf life testing of your product because each formulation and packaging of the product is different.)   For more information about High Oleic Sunflower oil, you may refer to this site.

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