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Eco-friendly Food Packaging products

Pakplast International, as one of the major eco-friendly hospitality industry suppliers, we provide a full range of food packaging and consumable products for the hospitality industry.  With the growing emphasis in eco-friendliness, we are also putting heavy focus on providing eco-friendly food packaging products, while the traditional food packaging products are still available to our customers as probably fading-out options.

Currently, Pakplast International is providing the following 10 product ranges of Food Packaging Products, namely: (please click the following texts or pictures to access the details)

1. cups

2. Bowls & Containers

3. Boxes & Trays

4. Bags

5. Cutlery

6. Straws

7. Wraps

8. Napkins & Tissues

9. Sanitary & Cleaning

10. Others

Ideal Eco-Friendly Food Packaging Solutions In Australia

Pakplast is one of the most prominent companies in Australia that provides the following:

  • Eco-friendly food packaging.
  • Sustainable food packaging.
  • Biodegradable food packaging.
  • Eco-friendly takeaway packaging solutions.

Since our founding in 1982, Pakplast has made it our mission to design goods that are both forward-thinking and bio-friendly, with the goal of mitigating the adverse effects of the environment on both people and our world.


Pakplast offers a diverse range of environmentally-friendly packaging options that cater to the specific needs of the hospitality industry. Our eco-friendly packaging supplies designed explicitly for food products reflect our commitment to sustainability. We understand the importance of packaging for food products, as it not only ensures the safe transportation of culinary delights but also plays a crucial role in reducing food waste. With our innovative eco-friendly packaging supplies, businesses can positively impact the environment while delivering exceptional products to their customers.

Focus On Sustainability

We are aware of how critical it is to develop goods that are not only secure for use by customers but also efficient in cutting down on trash. As a result, we strongly emphasise developing eco-friendly takeaway packaging and food packaging solutions of the highest possible quality and sustainability, with the goal of meeting or exceeding all Australian safety regulations. We are leaders in biodegradable and sustainable food packaging supplies.


We provide an extensive selection of eco-friendly food packaging options. We provide biodegradable and eco-friendly food packaging that is compostable and recyclable. We also offer eco-friendly takeaway packaging options including paper coffee cups, tea mugs, and bags for sandwiches and other foods.


When you work with Pakplast, you can be certain that you will get the most innovative and sustainable food packaging solutions available in Australia!

Options For Environmentally-Friendly Food Packaging

Pakplast provides various options for eco-friendly food packaging. These include sustainable, biodegradable, and compostable food packaging that can be recycled. Pakplast’s eco-friendly packaging solutions are intended to reduce the number of one-time-use plastic and other non-biodegradable packaging used in the food sector. As a result, these solutions reduce the adverse effects of packaging on the environment.
Pakplast’s biodegradable and compostable packaging, for instance, is designed to readily break down, which helps reduce waste while also assisting in preserving the quality of food and drink.

Innovative Thinking And Forward Thinking Attitude

Pakplast differentiates itself from competitors in the food packaging industry by adopting a creative and forward-thinking strategy in developing eco-friendly and sustainable solutions. Our team strives to lessen the toll our goods have on the environment in every possible manner and is always looking for novel and improved approaches.

Yes, we are constantly investigating new approaches that can make our products more sustainable and eco-friendly to reduce the impact on the environment while reducing the prices.

The Value of Packaging That Is Eco-Friendly

Using eco-friendly food packaging options comes with a variety of advantages. To begin, using environmentally-friendly packaging in the food business helps reduce the quantity of one-time-use plastic and other types of non-biodegradable packaging. This in turn helps lessen the adverse effects of non biodegradable packaging on the environment. In addition, environmentally-friendly packaging solutions are more long-lasting and dependable, which contributes to preserving the quality and safety of food and beverages. Additionally, sustainable and eco-friendly food packaging solutions are often more visually beautiful and cost-efficient than conventional ones, making them a more appealing choice for companies to consider as a possible alternative for their packaging needs.

Reach Out to Us Right Away

Pakplast has been Australia’s most trusted supplier of biodegradable food packaging and eco-friendly takeaway packaging options for food products for more than 35 years. Pakplast, a company with a strong commitment to environmental responsibility, has developed a variety of safe options which has transformed food and other industries.


These options include

  • Eco-friendly takeaway packaging,
  • Eco-friendly food packaging,
  • Sustainable food packaging and biodegradable food packaging

These are intended to cut down on the amount of single-use plastic and other non-biodegradable packaging used in the food industry.

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Sustainable & Recyclable Eco-friendly Food Packaging

Why should we use biodegradable packaging?

As the world becomes more and more eco-friendly, more and more people are looking for environmentally friendly packaging options. One great way to do this is to use decomposable packaging. Bio-packaging is made from a variety of materials, including paper, plastics, and compostable fabrics. These materials decompose into natural elements over time. This means that it can be environmentally friendly.It has many benefits over traditional packaging options. For example, it is sustainable. This means that we can use the packaging multiple times without damaging the environment or costing consumers extra money. It also has environmental benefits. By using compostable packaging, consumers can help reduce the amount of waste. Pakplast emphasises the significance of choosing environmentally-friendly packaging for food products. Our biodegradable and compostable packaging materials are sourced from renewable resources like sugarcane, kraft paper, and plant-based plastics, ensuring a sustainable future for the planet. In addition to their eco-friendly attributes, our packaging solutions offer practical benefits such as easy handling, efficient storage, and reduced environmental pollution. By investing in our eco-friendly packaging supplies, businesses contribute to waste reduction and demonstrate a commitment to preserving the environment for future generations.

Top 9 eco-friendly packaging advantages 

1. More environmentally friendly than traditional packaging and fully recyclable.

Traditional packaging is often more environmentally harmful than biodegradable packaging. The conventional method of producing a package is using a lot of energy to create the package, and use even more energy to dispose of the package. On the other hand, the material of biodegradable packaging will eventually break down and the environment will absorbed it. This means that not only are the packages more environmentally friendly, but they are also more sustainable in the long run.

2. More sustainable than traditional packaging.

Why is it more sustainable than traditional packaging. Biodegradable packaging can be composted, which helps to break down materials and create soil. Composting also reduces the amount of waste being sent to landfills, which is a concern for many people.

3. Can be recycled multiple times.

There are many different types of packages that can be recycled multiple times. These packages are made from materials like corn, soy and wheatstarch that are compostable packaging materials, creating space for new materials to grow. Recycling these products helps reduce the amount of waste that ends up in our landfills and ocean, and it also helps us keep plastic out of our habitat.

4. Easier to handle and less likely to cause environmental pollution.

In fact, many packaging materials are even compostable, meaning that they can be broken down by the earth’s natural processes into nutrient-rich soil. This means that not only does this helps reduce our reliance on non-renewable resources, but also helps keep our environment clean.

5. Easier to store and transport.

Eco-friendly Packaging is an environmental friendly option that can is easier to store and transport. It can be composted or broken down by microorganisms in the environment, releasing nutrients back into the soil. It also helps extend the shelf life.

6. Compostable packaging can be broken down to create new soil.

It is made of materials that can be broken down by bacteria to create new soil. When these materials are packaged and disposed of correctly, they help reduce the amount of environmental waste produced. Packaging can be composted to create new soil, which can help improve the environment and improve the quality of life for people.

7. Can help reduce food waste.

Food waste is a huge problem in the world, with 1.3 billion people going hungry and over 1 trillion pounds of food wasted each year. One way to reduce food waste is to use biodegradable packaging, which can help prevent food from being thrown away. This packaging is made from natural or renewable materials, such as plant-based plastics or compostable materials and reduces the amount of plastic that needs to be produced and recycled, plus helps reduce climate change emissions.

8. Helps reduce energy consumption in the manufacturing process.

Packaging made from biodegradable materials can help reduce energy consumption in the manufacturing process. This is because packaging made from these materials can be composted or broken down by bacteria into organic material, which can then be used as fertilizer. In addition, it protects food from contact with environmental pollutants and

9. Reduce waste.

There is a growing interest in biodegradable packaging, as it helps reduce waste. The most common type of biodegradable packaging is made from natural materials like cornstarch or sugarcane fiber. These materials break down into harmless substances over time, releasing energy and nutrients into the environment. This process helps to recycle materials and reduce the amount of waste that ends up in landfills. Please call 02 9757 2266 to know more about our sustainable policies.

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