Lambuena Rosada

Lambuena Rosada is a special spanish wine which is one of the products among the high quality wines provided by Pakplast

Lambuena Rosada

General Information

Own vineyard. Lambuena plot.

Altitude 900 m. above sea level.

Variety 100% Tinta del País. (Tempranillo) 60 years old vines.

Spring pruning to control the number of clusters.

Approximate production, 3.000 kg per hectare.

Type of soil, sandstone sediments, clay and limestone on lower layers, covered with rolling pebbles and stones.

Hand-picked harvest, placing best grapes in 15 kg boxes.


Stainless steel 10.000 l. vats which are temperature controlled.

Elaborated exclusively from the must of the best grapes after a bleeding process; low temperature clearing and fermenting, with a production of 14.000 numbered bottles.

Tasting Notes:

Its color is clean and bright, with a pale cherry red tone.

On the nose, one of the greatest virtues of this wine lies in its robust noble aroma. It abounds with fresh fruit aromas of strawberries and pitted fruits like apricots and cherries with some mineral nuances.

On the mouth, its slightly tannic structure makes this wine flavorful and full-bodied. The final flavors leave a slight bitter note that integrates perfectly with the acidity, giving it great character. This is a complex, well-rounded wine.

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