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Fryplus Ultrafry

Heavy Duty Frying Oil Less saturation, Excellent drain off Perfect for chips, potatoes, seafood and chicken products, battered, crumbed and coated products and donuts etc.

Smoke Point 234 °C


Fryplus Ultimate

The Original Signature Oil. Originally formulated to meet the demands for the fast food industry in Australia, Healthy durable and stable Frying Oil. High in the healthy Mono-unsaturated fat - one of the key ingredients offering stability & durability in Heavy Frying situations.

Smoke Point 212 °C

Fry Plus Performa

Fryplus Performa

Formulated “Recipe” reduces the traditional issues associated with cottonseed with the usual stickiness and gumming around your fryer, baskets and canopies. Longevity, Durability, Excellent drain off.

Smoke Point 231 °C


Fryplus Alll-Fry

Neutral in odour and taste. Ideal frying oil Excellent drain off. Trans-fat free, cholesterol free and vitamin enriched.

Smoke Point 234 °C


Fryplus Gold

Unique “Recipe” of Cottonseed and Sunflower Oil. Terrific balance offers a durable light frying oil. Excellent drain off Ideal for deep frying and shallow frying.

Smoke Point 241 °C


Fryplus Suprema

Premium “Recipe” cottonseed and high oleic sunflower. High Oleic Sunflower Seeds produce “that” extra performance and durability, recommended for longevity in demanding frying situations.

Smoke Point 230 °C


Vegetable Oil

100% Soy bean oil. Ideal for culinary use in the kitchen, Bakery, for Mayonnaise, dressings and Shallow / Deep Fry.

Smoke Point 234 °C


Canola Oil

100% Canola Oil. Recognised globally as a healthy oil because of its unique properties and health benefits, low saturated fat. Ideal for culinary use in the kitchen, Bakery, for Mayonnaise, dressings and Shallow / Deep Fry.

Smoke Point 204 °C


Cottonseed Oil

100% Cottonseed Oil. Crisp, neutral taste Great for Deeep Frying.

Smoke Point 220-230 °C


Olio Toscano

Extra EVOO is the highest grade for olive oil. Blended with Vegetable oil. Popular ingredient in Mayonnaises, Aioli, Salad Dressings, Dipping Oils, Marinades, Etc.

Smoke Point 232 °C



Peanut oil has a pleasing and sometimes a sweet flavourful and light nutty flavour. Peanut oil is also one of the world’s traditional deep-frying oils because it can reach such a high temperature which keeps the outside of the food crispy and the inside very moist. Suitable for Vegan Foods, Stir-fry’s, Noodles Dishes and many Chinese and Asian dishes.

Smoke Point 232 °C


Sesame Oil

An edible vegetable oil derived from sesame seeds. With a unique aroma taste in flavour, it is a common ingredient in cuisines across the world.

Smoke Point 210 °C

Sunflower Oil

Sun Flower Oil

Sunflower has been widely used for the extraction of cooking oil for centuries. It is commonly used as a cooking oil in many countries and also used in a variety of dishes for Frying, Baking Sautéing, Mixing into sauces, Marinades, Mayonnaises and Dressings.

Smoke Point 252-254 °C

Rice Bran Oil

Bice Bran Oil

Truly “The World’s Healthiest” edible oil. Ideal Deep Frying and Stir or pan fry. Favourite alternative to Olive Oil in salad dressings, Mayonnaises, Baking and Dipping Oils.

Smoke Point 260 °C

• Originally formulated and developed for the fast food chains in Australia
• Excellent frying life, extremely durable and stable, and have superior nutritional value compared to other commonly sold “soft” frying oils.
• Less oil absorbed – results in reduced calories, better, lighter tasting food and palatability.
• Less oil absorbed also makes it more economical, therefore fewer top ups
• Economical Frying choice over other oils with less saturated fats, preservative and cholesterol free.
• Premium choice for the replacement for other frying oils with higher saturated fat levels.
• VTF – Contains no hydrogenated oil or trans fats.
• No gumming in or around the fryer or the hoods.
• Labour cost saving on time and cleanliness