Seaweed Wrap

Seaweed Wrap

Disposable and edible sheet made from seaweed to replace disposable plastic sachet.


• This seaweed-sheet has the same function as plastic packaging but can dissolves in warm water.
• 100% Biodegradable
• Can be stored for two years at dry area with mild temperature.
• The sheet is heat sealable, therefore can be customised based on shapes and sizes.
• Seaweed is a rich source of antimicrobial nutrients and also has anti-inflammatory properties, making it an inherently healthy source of fibres.
• Seaweed is abundantly available throughout the year. It’s cultivation is easy and fast (only 45 days), much faster than other bio-packaging materials.

Size: 21cm x 26cm

Product Weight: 20 gram

Maximum Temperature: 170-190 C

Usage Duration: Dissolve quickly in contact with water

Microwavable: No

Wet Food: No

Biodegradable Duration: 7 days

Storage Temperature: 25 C

Shelf Life: 2 years

Available Colours: Green, Peach, and Original (Clear Brown)

Customisation: Yes

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