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Pakplast is one of the major providers of sugarcane food containers in Australia. This is among our bowls and containers range within our packaging products line. Sugarcane is one of the major materials that support sustainable packaging. Among our packaging products, bowls and containers 

Our products are tree-free since they are not made of cardboards. Using our products, you can indirectly save thousands of animals, our health and our future! Our products are made of nature, for nature and will return to nature.

Benefits of Sugarcane Food Containers

  • Eco-Friendly – made from renewable 100% sugarcane pulp which is a natural sustainable material.
  • Recyclable – our containers can be 100% recycled with paper waste.
  • Biodegradable – Our containers is 100% biodegradable within 3 months and breaks into nutrient rich compost.
  • Hot & Cold Resistance – suitable for use in oven, microwave and fridge.
  • Stackable – save space and meet the high demand of the Food service packaging industry.B

The Best Quality Sugarcane Container Suppliers

In Australia, Pakplast is the industry leader when it comes to providing ecologically-responsible packaging solutions. Pakplast was founded in 1982, and since then, the company has been at the forefront of supplying a diverse array of items, including bowls and containers manufactured from sugarcane.


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Pakplast can ensure that its packaging goods are both beneficial to the environment and economical by using renewable resources like sugarcane in their production. In this article, we will examine the many facets of the sugarcane food containers that the company manufactures, including the advantages they provide, the degree to which they are environmentally friendly, and the ways in which they can be utilised most effectively in domestic and commercial settings.

Advantages Of Using Our Sugarcane Containers

The assortment of sugarcane containers provided by Pakplast presents the consumer with many advantages. To begin, these containers have a high level of durability, making them suitable in a wide range of food service environments. Additionally, there is no risk of leakage, and the containers are temperature resistant in either direction (hot or cold). In addition, the containers have a streamlined and contemporary style, which contributes to the more visually tempting presentation of the food. The fact that the containers may be used in the microwave makes it easy to rewarm previously prepared food in them.


In addition, the sugarcane used in the containers is entirely compostable and recyclable. Firms that are working to lessen their impact on the environment will find this to be a significant benefit. Because the containers do not contain BPA or other harmful chemicals, it is OK to use them to keep food. Sugarcane is a resource that is both renewable and sustainable, and as a result, using it results in lower overall costs for the consumer. In addition to this, the containers are lightweight, which makes it quite simple to move them around.

The Long-Term Effects Of Using Our Sugarcane Containers for Food

The variety of sugarcane containers offered by Pakplast is very sustainable and kind to the environment. Sugarcane products are much more beneficial to the environment than other materials like plastics, which are made from non-renewable resources. Sugarcane is biodegradable and readily recyclable, which means it may be reused indefinitely after being processed into a new product. Pakplast can lessen its total effect on the environment by using sugarcane to provide our clients with high-quality food storage containers.


In addition, Pakplast is dedicated to implementing environmentally-conscious purchasing policies. Pakplast exclusively uses sugarcane of the best possible quality, sourced from accountable suppliers, and takes great effort to ensure that it is farmed in an environmentally-friendly way. As a result of this, we can provide our many clients with sugarcane containers that are economical as well as kind to the environment.

Why should you decide to get your sugarcane containers from us?

Pakplast are aware of the significance of sugarcane containers to your company and their role in its operations. Because of this, the sugarcane food containers we provide are of the best quality on the market.


We also have a large range of sugarcane containers in various sizes and shapes to accommodate your preferences. Our plastic sugarcane food containers are adaptable and may be used for various purposes, including the storage of fresh vegetables, bakery goods, and ice cream, to name just a few examples. Our sugarcane food containers made of paper and cardboard are ideal for high-volume operations and items that must be carried long distances.


Our knowledgeable staff is committed to giving you the very best service. Because of our unwavering commitment to providing high-quality goods, you can feel confident entrusting us with your business. Get in touch with us to learn more about our range of sugarcane containers.

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Call (02) 9757 2266 or send an email to if you are searching for a reliable provider of sugarcane containers that are good for the environment. Pakplast also manufactures a wide variety of eco-friendly food storage containers crafted from renewable resources such as bamboo and recycled plastics. These containers are ideal for recycling and will significantly reduce the quantity of trash generated in the food sector.
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Sugarcane Square Containers

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Sugarcane Rectangular Containers





Sugarcane Round Containers



Sugarcane Sauce Cups

Pakplast provides sugarcane sauce cups which is part of our sugarcane food containers product line.  Different sizes of sugarcane sauce cups are provided to meet your needs.

SCCB24 Sugarcane Square Container 24OZ 216x216x33.5MM/24OZ 300
SCCB32 Sugarcane Square Container 32OZ 216x216x47MM/32OZ 300
SCCB2448F PET/PLA Lid for Sugarcane Square Container 24/32OZ 221x221x26MM 300
SCCS1000 Sugarcane Square Container 1000 ML 203x203x42MM/1000ML 300
SCCS1000-3 Sugarcane Square Container 1000 ML (3 comp.) 203x203x46.5MM/1000ML 300
SCCS1000F PET/PLA Lid for Sugarcane Square Container 1000 ML 208x208x26MM 300
SCCR750 Sugarcane Rectangular Container 750 ML 223x160x41MM/750ML 300
SCCR900-2 Sugarcane Rectangular Container 900 ML (2 comp.) 223x160x47.5MM/900ML 300
SCCR1000 Sugarcane Rectangular Container 1000 ML 223x160x50MM/1000ML 300
SCCR7510F PET/PLA Lid for SC Rect. Container 750/900/1000ML 228x165x26MM 300
SCCJ3062B Sugarcane Rectangular Container (5 comp.) 268x208x36MM 300
SCCJ306F PET/PLA Lid for Sugarcane Rect. Container (5 comp.) 271x211x19MM 300
SCCR32 Sugarcane Round Container 32OZ Ø207.5x59MM/32OZ 300
SCCR2432HF PET/PLA Lid for Sugarcane Round Container 24/32OZ Ø221x26MM 300
SCCH750B Sugarcane Round Bowl 750 ML Ø180.5x68MM/750ML 400
SCCH750F Sugarcane Lid for Sugarcane Round Bowl 750/1000 ML Ø185.5x11.4MM 400
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