FRY+PLUS Frying Oil

Among the commercial cooking oil provided by pakplast, there is a series of frying oilFry+plus frying oil. This is a series of commercial frying oil.


commercial frying oil provided by Pakplast

There are 7 products in the Fry+plus series – the series of commercial frying oil from Pakplast, namely

  • Ultrafry 
  • Ultimate 
  • Alll-fry
  • Gold
  • Xtrafry
  • Performa
  • Suprema
commercial frying oil - fryplus








Smoke points of commercial frying oil

The main issue is choosing an oil with an adequate smoke point. Cooking oils and fats react differently to heat, but in general, the hotter they get, the more they break down and eventually start to smoke.


That means that certain oils are better for deep-frying than others. The temperature at which a given oil will start to smoke is called its smoke point. A high smoke point means that an oil can be heated to a relatively high temperature before it starts to smoke.


If you cook with oil that’s heated past its smoke point, it will impart a burnt flavor to your food. But also, heating your oil too far beyond its smoke point could possibly start a fire.

Desired smoke point of commercial frying oil

But knowing the smoke points of various oils won’t help you without also knowing the basic temperature at which most foods are deep fried, which happens to be 350 to 375 F.

At these temperatures, your breaded or battered foods will turn crispy, and golden brown. This is due to a process called caramelization, which causes carbohydrates like starches and sugars to turn brown when heated to temperatures of around 320 F.

Therefore, a cooking oil for deep frying should have a smoke point of at least 375 F, although in reality, because smoke points do not remain constant of the life of an oil, you should stick to oils with smoke points of at least 400 F. This rules out most unrefined oils, like extra virgin olive oil (smoke point 375 F) or unrefined coconut oil (350 F), as well as vegetable shortening (360 F) or lard (370 F). The smoke point for whole butter, by the way, is about 250 F.

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