Plastic Bags

Plastic Carry Bags

  • From 1 Jun 2022, light weight plastic shopping bags was banned in NSW. “I’m Reusable – Just Green It” plastic bags fully meet the new requirement as they are 37 microns in thickness at any part of the bag.
  • For all multi purpose, multi use.
  • There are 3 different sizes : small, medium & large.

Plastic Produce Bags

• Are designed to hold a large quantity of fruit, vegetables, and other produce.
• Manufactured from food safe raw materials.
• They are suitable for any food item.
• They are most popular in fruit shops, supermarkets, butcher shops, fish shops and restaurants.
• Multi-purpose plastic bags on roll.

Plastic Garbage Bags

• Designed for heavy duty usage in catering industry.
• They are most popular and widely used in cafes and restaurants.

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