Benefits of Fresh Oil

Fresh Oil when processed and refined from the refinery and packed immediately into containers either drums or boxes helps avoids the risk of contamination and often improves performance and longevity.


 Packed immediately into Boxes.

Packed immediately helps avoid risk contamination.

• Can also improve performance and longevity. 

• Know EXACTLY what your oil you’re ordering.

• Know EXACTLY how many litres you’re paying for.


Benefits of Bag in Box (BIB)

We’re all becoming more conscious on the effects of our carbon footprint in recent years. Recyclable Bag in Box range of oils have become more popular and preferred choice of packaging. Cardboard and Bladder: both Definitely Recyclable.


• Easy to handle

• Easy to pour

• Replaceable screw cap

• Disposable reusable taps available

• Haccp

• Recycleable

• Easily disposable

• Environmently friendly

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