Best Commercial fish frying oil - XTRAFRY

In the Fryplus series (ie. the commercial cooking oil series) provided by Pakplast, there is a product which specially formulated for frying fish – XTRAFRY.

commercial frying oil - fryplus
commercial fish frying oil

  • Provides a balance of durability, stability and less absorption and saturation when frying at 160-173oC
  • Neutral in odour and taste, excellent drain off, offers quality and value
  • Perfect for donuts, potato products, seafood and chicken, battered and crumbed products
  • Ideally suited for Deep Frying & Shallow Frying

Choosing the right commercial fish frying oil

The type of oil that you use to deep fry your fish can have a major impact on how it fries, the taste, and the texture, so it’s important that you choose the right oil for the task. Here are three major things you need to consider when choosing oil for frying fish:

  • The Smoke Point. The smoke point is the temperature when oil starts to break down and become unusable. When deep frying fish, you want to use oil that has a high smoke point because you need to fry the fish at a high temperature.
  • The Flavor. Fish is delicate, so you want to choose oil that has a neutral flavor that won’t overpower the fish.
  • Flavor Transfer. If you’re frying different types of seafood (or even different types of food) at the same time, you want to prevent the flavors from transferring.

For details how to choose the right oil, can refer to this site.

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