About us

Background of Pakplast

Pakplast International Pty Ltd is a 100% Australian owned company. Since 1982, we have been serving and supplying high-quality products to the NSW hospitality industry.

Products of Pakplast International

  • Culinary Oils

    Regarding the oil product, Pakplast International is partnering with Lam Soon to provide the oil products. With this partnership, we are honored to take the role of the importer and distributer of the globally recognized Daisy Brand in the Australian market for over 10 years. With vast distribution network in New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, South Australia and Tasmania, we are dedicated in providing total oil management solution to our customers.

  • Packaging Products

    Besides culinary oil products, another line of products that are also our focus is the packaging products. In addition to the traditional high-quality plastic containers products that we have been providing for many years, in recent years, we are gradually introducing some state-of-the-art food packaging products that are not only eco friendly but also biodegradable as well as eco friendly.

  • Other products

    On top of the above, we are also providing other products for the hospitality industry, including napkins and tissues, sanitary products and other value-added products for the hospitality industry. In recent years, we are also providing a product line of wines for the hospitality industry.

Pakplast warehouse well managed
Pakplast wearehouse well managed

Quality service of Pakplast International

In Pakplast International, Quality service is our top priority. Given this priority, our team strives to provide high-quality service to our customers, including restaurants, clubs, hotels, pubs and pub groups, fastfood outlets, seafood shops, manufacturers etc.

Pakplast team

Our Team

We have a multi-national team which is enthusiastic and committed to provide the best-quality customer service in the hospitality industry. 

Our Mission

Provide the hospitality industry with top quality and eco friendly products

Target by 2025

Replace 100 million Pieces of Plastic by 2025


Sydney HQ operating on Renewable Energy


Reduce 70% paper invoice and statement


100% Reusable, Recyclable & Compostable Packaging


Replace 100,000,000 pieces of plastic


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