Palm oil has been used for many years globally as an economical frying oil in both commercial and industrial for its durability and high stability compared to some other liquid oils.

By fractionating the palm oil from a solid to liquid (known as Palm Olein) Daisy FRYPLUS ALLL-FRY offers both quality and value.

Neutral in odour and taste and an ideal frying oil with excellent drain as well as trans-fat free, cholesterol free and vitamin enriched.

Perfect for many frying applications including chips, potatoes, seafood and chicken products, battered, crumbed and coated products and donuts etc


Recognised for its performance as a Heavy Duty frying oil with cottonseed as a main ingredient, FRYPLUS PERFORMA also reduces the traditional issues associated with cottonseed with the usual stickiness and gumming around your fryer, baskets and canopies.

Formulated for longevity, durability, and excellent drain off offering a great finished product from your fryer


100% Cottonseed Oil with its crisp, neutral taste and impressive versatility and high smoke point is considered one of the most popular cooking oils in kitchens, all over the world for many years.

It is used globally in a variety of ways such as dressing for salads and DEEP-FRYING numerous food items.

Although it is very well-saturated when compared to other oils and fats that are commonly used when DEEP-FRYING, it is the saturated fats that help make it more stable when used for DEEP-FRYING


Sesame oil is an edible vegetable oil derived from sesame seeds. With a unique aroma, rich nutty taste in flavour, it is a common ingredient in cuisines across the world.


A Heavy Duty Frying Oil using Soybean Oil as a predominate ingredient.

Formulated to offer less saturation, excellent drain off and less top ups compared too traditional pure and blended vegetable oils.

Perfect for many frying applications including chips, potatoes, seafood and chicken products, battered, crumbed and coated products and donuts etc


FRYPLUS PERFORMA formulation of cottonseed and high oleic sunflower offers a high performance and healthy durable frying oil.

High Oleic Sunflower Seeds produce “that” extra performance and durability, recommended for longevity in demanding frying situations.


Sunflower has been widely used for the extraction of cooking oil for centuries.

It is commonly used as a cooking oil in many countries and also used in a variety of dishes for Frying, Baking Sautéing, Mixing into sauces, Marinades, Mayonnaises and Dressings.


Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) exhibits superior taste, colour and aroma as well as adding flavour and textural dimension lacking in other oils.

“Extra” is the highest grade for olive oil and is the best you can buy.

EVOO TASTES of fruity and peppery characteristics blended with Canola Oil is a popular ingredient in Mayonnaises, Aioli, Salad Dressings, Dipping Oils, Marinades, Etc.


Originally formulated to meet the demands for the fast food industry in Australia, FRYPLUS ULTIMATE is a very healthy durable and stable Frying Oil using Canola Oil as a predominate ingredient.

Canola Oil is recognised by many institutions globally as a healthy oil and is very high in
Mono-unsaturated fats which is the healthy fat in the range of soft oils.

Mono unsaturated fats are also one of the key ingredients offering stability & durability in Heavy Frying situations.


Vegetable oil or 100% Soy bean oil has many applications and is ideal for culinary use in the kitchen, Bakery, for Mayonnaise, dressings and Shallow / Deep Fry.


Rice Bran Oil is truly “The World’s Healthiest” edible oil, extracted from the germ and inner husk of rice with a High Smoke Point- 232 °C, – Ideal for high-temperature cooking methods such as DEEP FRYING and STIR FRYING.

Rice Bran Oil is also extremely light, versatile and delicious and a favourite by chefs as a preferred alternative to Olive Oil in SALAD DRESSINGS / MAYONNAISES / BAKING / DIPPING OILS