PakPlast International Pty Ltd

Company Profile

Established in 1982, Pakplast is the largest manufacturer of microwavable food containers in Australia.
In order to continue their strive to becoming customer's first choice in supplying packaging materials worldwide, the business countered growing market demands using a combination of strong technological edge and rich management experience to invest in Qingdao, a province in China, to establish Qingdao PakPlast in 1998.

Since then, by taking advantage of sizable modern plants, imported state-of-the-art automated machinery and professionally trained and experienced employees, Qingdao Pakplast has been successfully increasing its productions and sales worldwide.

Our mission statement: to becoming customer's first choice in supplying packaging materials worldwide.

About our Environmental policy

With the upper hand of providing continual outstanding products and services, Pakplast then moved to further develop its public image by focusing on supporting environmental sustainability. They utilized Australia's advanced equipment and technology to manufacture environmentally friendly degradable and microwavable plastic food containers. To ensure that this next step was achieved, Pakplast became committed to:
  • Complying with and furthering the requirements and expectations of laws and regulations (ISO14001-2004)
  • Reducing and controlling the generation and emission of wastes
  • Selectively choosing non-toxic and degradable raw materials for manufacturing using safeguard techniques and equipment in order to reduce danger exposure to its staff and the environment
  • Controlling noise pollution
  • Implementing energy saving and minimal material consumption procedures and
  • Providing frequent training and promotional campaigns that support environmental protection
* Certificate of registration for environmental management systems (ISO14001-2004)
* Qingdao environmentally friendly certificate
* Shandong environmental certificate

About our Quality policy

Pakplast's undeniable achievements can be attributed to their strict quality policy. The business believes that supplying quality products is vital to its survival and future developments. They are committed to: -
  • Implementing quality control systems for production and customer services
  • Continuously reviewing to improve their management system in order to fulfill customer expectations and
  • Providing customers with quality products and exceptional services beyond the regular standards required by laws and regulations (ISO9001-2000) in order to win and maintain their customer's confidence in Pakplast products

* Certificate of registration for quality management systems (ISO9001-2000)
* Occupational health and safety policy statement from 2006

* Certificate of advance and new technology

About our Trademark "Pakplast"

In addition to the environmental and quality policy, Pakplast's ongoing successful strive to attain the title of " customer's first choice in supplying packaging materials worldwide" can be attributed to its claim of intellectual property across the globe. This claim allows Pakplast to obtain exclusive rights over goods and services in relation to its plastic products. As a result the trademark "Pakplast" has allowed customers to distinguish the business from other packaging suppliers thus establishing a stepping stone for its expansion worldwide. Trademark patents currently held by Pakplast includes:

* Certificate of registration of trademark by Commonwealth of Australia 2001

* Certificate of registration of trademark by Republic of China 2002
* The United States of America Certificate of registration
* United States Patent and Trademark office trade principal register 2004
* Office for Harmonization in International market, European Trademark 2002
* Malaysia trademarks regulations 2003